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Infinity WiFi issue - please help!

Hi I’ll try and keep this short...please please can someone help!
New line in house when I moved in June.
Was working fine. The following are connected by Wi-fi; 2x echo dots, sky Q box, iPhone when I’m in house, & firestick. 
Overnight the Wi-fi signal showed high/excellent, devices all connected but said they weren’t.

I have router plugged into main incoming socket. No extensions in house.

Tried neighbour devices and same issue so know it’s not me. Engineer also tried and realised I wasn’t imagining it.

3 engineers later another due Tuesday, I’ve established unplugging sky q enabled Wi-fi signal to be shown on devices - but internet doesn’t work.

No one can find the issue or resolution.

It’s as if the Wi-fi is overloaded.

Engineer said my speeds are ‘epic’. They can’t find issue.

I am not technical at all. So any advice please explain in simple terms.

I have no boosters etc. Everything is straight forward. I’ve moved from a stone terrace house to a semi and never had issues before.

I’ve had three new hubs. Same issue and light remains blue on them.

I’m at wits end. And this is all before l even set up my laptop which I now need to use.



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Infinity WiFi issue - please help!

have you turned of smart setup  

Turn Off smart setup


can you post hub stats advanced settings then technical log information









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Re: Infinity WiFi issue - please help!

No I haven’t but engineers have previously.

Sky Guy here at moment. He has put new Ethernet cable in for sky Q, but it’s still not working.

shows connected to hub, but not internet

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