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Infinity Wifi Log's out randomly



I'm new to infinity. I previously had another broadband supplier and had fairly seemless service. Since I've taken infinity my macbook losing wifi connection at random times approximately once a day. I'll come back to my laptop and the wifi connection will have dropped. Then when I try to log back in my password is not accepted (even though I tripple check that it's right) - the only way I can find to log back in is to press the restart/reboot button on the hub and wait for it to restart. I can then log in no problem, but it's really annoying having to do this pretty much everytime I settle down to do some work or watch a film. 


Other laptops and devices stay connected while this happens so It seems to be a problem that relates to my laptop (Macbook pro on OSX Mavericks) and it's connection to the Hub.


I've called the helpline, but after spending a lond time explaining the problem I was given some very basic help that did nothing to solve the problem.


I'm hoping there's somone that has had and solved this problem or if anyone can help with steps that might solve it. As mentioned before I never had this with my previous broadband supplier, so I'm not sure why this is doing it.


My wife also has a Mac (macbook air with OSx Mavericks) and it never happens on that machine.


Any help appreciated! Thanks



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Re: Infinity Wifi Log's out randomly

Check that the wireless card drivers are up to date on your laptop.


If they are up to date check if it is the same as the one on your wife's laptop.

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