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Infinity consistently dead slow for particular mobile apps

Hi all,

I wasn't able to find a previous thread on this. We moved from Sky to BT Infinity about a month ago. The broadband connection has settled down and has been fast and stable for us after the initial testing period. However, some apps on my and my partner's phone have been rendered barely useable. Youtube takes about half a minute to load the thumbnails for videos. Tumblr hangs for about five to ten minutes until it's loaded a slew of posts and Twitter, whilst loading the tweets extremely fast, doesn't load the other media (images, videos, gifs). Clicking on the square where these images are supposed to be takes you to the full screen and the app attempts to load the image, but the loading bar gets a fifth of the way across the screen and it just hangs. The media eventually loads but again takes at least five minutes. This happens any time of the day or night.

It's not to do with the phones - going through the browser the images load perfectly quickly, it's just the apps. These apps work as expected at work and at friends' houses, and they worked fine with our previous broadband, it's just our connection. We're Android users. 

Has anyone seen this before? 

Many thanks

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Re: Infinity consistently dead slow for particular mobile apps

Hi @dizzysparrow and welcome.


Does this problem only happen when you're trying to connect via the hub?





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: Infinity consistently dead slow for particular mobile apps

Hi @DavidM, thank you very much! 

Yes, it's only on the mobile apps when connecting through wifi to the hub, on either band (we split the bands to try). 4G is fine, other wifi internet connections away from home are fine (though they're probably not BT hubs), both desktop and mobile versions of the webpages are okay, just the apps.

The only thing that online searches turned up was that it could be to do with IPv6? I wouldn't be sure how to test that myself though.

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