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Intermittent Slow WiFi

Hi, sorry if I am posting this in the wrong board. Looking some advice without having to ring the already very busy call centres.

We have been with BT for several years now, using the original BT Smart Hub router. My husband is currently Working from home, I am furloughed, but looking after a toddler, so we are using YouTube a fair bit, and husband uses computers constantly during working day. The first 4 weeks of lockdown, everything was working as normal, but in the [past 2-3 weeks we have noticed the speed of our WiFi connections dropping rapidly at random times of the day. Although our habits haven’t changed in this shorter period. 

I did a speed check on the BT site - says 51mb - so pretty good download speed. But when I do a speed check via my iPad, it can be as slow as 4mb at time, even if sitting right beside the router. 

So I am just wondering if this could be a problem with our 3/4yr old router? Or if there could be something else going on. Really need to get it fixed as husband keeps dropping out of client video calls, which isn’t ideal. 


Thanks in advance, Helen.


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