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Just received Smart hub 2.....


We have received  our new Smart hub 2 to replace smart hub 5 (10 years old) as the newer one  is needed for the full fibre 500 we are having done at beginning of July.

The standard letter we received from BT stating price service update etc , I am copying from letter  :


heres what you`ll get:

Smart hub 2

Things may arrive on different days, but everything will be with you before your services start

When your hub arrives please set it up straightaway replacing the one your using now. This will help us check everything is working.

The inside will is being done in July such as ONT etc.

The new hub 2 has certain colour coded connections which are self explanatory but our current filtered phone socket which will be redundant in JUly does not have the same kind of connections so why would they say do it now when we cannot.

We believe the openreach person who does final connection will set this up and not for us to do it now.

Any help or experience of this would be helpful


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Re: Just received Smart hub 2.....

Your SH2 router can work on ADSL/VDSL as well as FTTP , you can swap over now if you want to use the SH2 immediately, however when the FTTP is installed the 4th Ethernet socket is turned in the hub settings to a WAN socket and connects the the ONT ( you don’t have an ONT yet  ) this may not matter if you don’t have anything in the 4th Ethernet socket anyway …..if you don’t want to use the SH2 until the FTTP is installed you can leave it until it’s installed and let the installer connect it .

The SH2 should have both type of  cables included so it can connect to a copper phone socket if used for ADSL/FTTC and an Ethernet cable so it can connect to an ONT when it’s FTTP .

FYI , it will have a different WiFi name and password , so you will need to change the WiFi login credentials of your phones , tablets etc when the new SH2 is connected or change the new hub ‘name’ and password to match the old router 

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Re: Just received Smart hub 2.....

Recent posts suggest that SH2s sent out for use with FTTP don't have a DSL cable included. But you can just use the existing one & just plug it into the grey port on the SH2.

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Re: Just received Smart hub 2.....

@rbz5416  Having had two SH2’s, I can confirm that this is the case.  The one BT sent for my FTTC connection turned up with a yellow ended cat 5e and an RJ11 lead in the box.  The second one turned up with two cat 5e cables, one with yellow ends and the other with red ends.  (Both identical in reality, of course).

@Mattiesmomma If you use your existing cable from the phone socket to the DSL port on the SH2 it should work fine.  As iniltous says, LAN port 4 may be configured for the FTTP WAN port but the other three will work as before.

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Re: Just received Smart hub 2.....

Thanks for your reply.

Re FYI statement from you:

Yes we know the hub3 will have different user name and password, not a problem

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