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Jvc smart tv connection problems

Hi having trouble with my smart tv, it is connecting to netflix but wont connect to YouTube, freeview ect. The bt hub is working all good I've reconnected the tv to the hub but it connects to netflix so it must be the tv any advise? 

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Re: Jvc smart tv connection problems


There's been an issue recently with a number of  Panasonic TVs having similar problems to you and it seems to be some issue with those sets using BT's DNS servers.

This has been resolved by manually setting the TV to use Google's servers instead. They are &

Not sure how exactly you do that on your TV but it's going to be in the Network connection settings .

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Re: Jvc smart tv connection problems

I know this is a big bump, but I wanted to add something here from my own experience with JVC TVs (which should apply to anything produced for them by Vestel, so certain Hitachi, Toshiba, Bush, Polaroid etc sets) If you don't know whether you have one of these, check the serial number on the back and see if there is a box around a group of numbers within it.

With my set and a BT connection, the Google DNS servers worked, but didn't allow quick access to on demand programmes, so you got the guide and nothing else. In my case that meant using the DNS servers listed for the hub itself by going into the admin interface and using those. There are probably other ways, like opening up a Windows command line and doing ipconfig /all to get it, but that seemed the easiest way at the time.

It's annoying that automatic detection doesn't work on these sets, but once they are set up they work pretty well over wifi

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