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Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

Hi all. I've noticed that, according to the Whole Home app, my wife's laptop is connecting to the second disc which is located on the 1st floor of our house instead of the one in the same room on the top floor in her office. Is there a way to 'force' a connection to a specific disc? I should say that the disc in the office (with her laptop) is always orange and, in the normal course of things, has no other devices linked to it.



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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

This probably sounds a bit random, but try changing the 2.4Ghz channel on your router to the other end of the spectrum/scale (e.g. swap channel 1 for 11, or 11 for 1).

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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

Unfortunately this hasn't changed anything. I'm now downstairs next to the first disc and my laptop is connected to the disc on the top floor. Bypassing the middle disc altogether.

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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

I've worked around this for now by plugging a network cable from the second disc to the laptop.
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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

The Whole Home network logic works by connecting the devices the to Disc which offers the best performance at any given time.  This isometimes but not always the physically closest disc.


What connection speed is the app reorting for your device  ?



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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

Hi @Bc1973


As others have mentioned - the best connection is not necessarily the disc closest to your device - there are many factors such as current channel usage, whether your device is actively transmitting/receiving and how many other devices are connected around the home that can impact which disc your device connects to.


Whole Home Wi-Fi will try to influence the connection of your devices using the 802.11v standard approach. Some devices do not respond to this and prefer to make their own decisions.


You mention your disc is orange - I would suggest using the app to tweak the position of this disc to get a solid blue LED. If you look on Disc Details - you can see the signal strength. Anything above -82 should be fine, but aim for -70 to -78 for a good stable connection.


One thing you can try is "forgetting" the network from the device (e.g. delete the network details) and then reconnecting when you're next to the disc in the office. This can influence the preferred disc of your device.


Hopefully this helps your situation and any others in a similar one.

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Re: Laptop connecting to wrong Whole Home disc

@Dan-O I also have a use-case that requires me to force connection to a particular disc. I have a multiroom audio setup which streams over wifi. When the two key devices connect to the same disc, it works brilliantly, but if one of them connects to another disc, the audio lag is very noticeable and ruins the multiroom effect.


It's really just one device (a Google Home speaker) that occasionally connects to the "wrong" disc, so if I could somehow configure that disc to block that device, everything would work fine.  I can't see a way to do that, so I'm hoping you've got an idea or a workaround I can try.




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