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Latency (Ping) increase


I have an issue that I’m getting nowhere with from either BT or Openreach

I have had fibre broadband for six years, first with Sky then I switched to BT 6 months ago

I game a lot which is my priority for broadband and so monitor my latency. Ever since activation my latency was 16ms, but over the past 2 months something has changed and my latency sits at a constant 24ms - and this is wreaking havoc with my gaming experience 

I have tried telephoning - Openreach visited, reset everything but they are only interested in download / upload speed and don’t seem to know what I am talking about in terms of the change to my service (affecting my ping which has jumped 50%)

I would appreciate if anyone knows and understands what I am talking about and if I could be advised as to how my service could revert to its previous state. Something in my profile has been changed and I can’t get any help or information about it



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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

24ms is not enough to show a problem when gaming.

There are lots of variables involved, you could be gaming over Wi-Fi, you could have congestion on your network, you could be connecting to servers that offer poor connection rates and so on and so on.

The first step is run PingPlotter, here you can watch what’s going on. You can simply monitor your network and you can saturate your network to see if congestion is creating an issue. Best to use a wired connection from either a Mac or PC for best results.



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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

I will try that. I only ever use Ethernet connection for gaming. In my household I turn off the wifi network so that I am only using it

Its odd though, my ping was stable previously, no jitter or packet loss, solid 16ms and even now, there is no jitter or anything, it doesn’t fluctuate from 24ms and everything is stable 

only thing that has changed us the 8ms increase

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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

I take you turn WiFi off as there is no traffic control on the BT hub.

if your network is quiet there should be no problem with having the WiFi on if say it’s just IoT connected, issues appear when someone streams, uploads, downloads and that’s where a router that has QoS helps. 

if you are into maximising your gaming experience there are routers that can not only control your network but show the servers you are offered and you can then use this to connect to a server that offers you the best connection rate. 


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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

I bought the modem so I could have a Nat 1 connection (to see if it improved things)
Probably won’t but worth a try IMO

I’m interested in the gaming routers you refer to tho
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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

Just seen and was reading you have what I guess is the HG612.

Often you will read that there is no such thing as a gaming router which is correct in a way but some offer unique ways within their software to expand experience of the end user.

There are a number of gaming routers out there, Some offer third-party support where they use a service supplied that may offer better connection rates to the end server, there is only one type of router that offers Geo filtering. This is where when you fire up a game you are able to see all the servers that are on offer and can see what your connection rate would be to them and you can then pick the server that has the best connection rate however not all games fully support this but in general it works okay.

Asus offer the third party support on some of their routers and Netduma offer geo filtering. Both offer a range of routes your networking needs and both will offer far better control over your network than the standard BT equipment. Both offer QoS, slightly different with Asus as it depends on the router and its support. 

what I normally say when looking at these type of routers it’s best to look for the forums to see what to expect.

It’s also important to note that some of these routers require a lot of interaction, you have to have a screen open viewing the details before you game so unlike most routers where are you simply set them up and forget about them these are much more hands-on. It will be more so with the Netduma than any other routers due to its geo filtering. All should offer an open NAT when set up correctly with a console with the BT modem but Personally I can quite happily on a Moderate NAT. 

The downside is that these type of routers tend to have a few bugs and that’s not uncommon in routers but as you start to step up to more complex software it’s something worth considering, for example I have several routers set up including  a Unifi UDM and that’s pretty buggy and not a router I would recommend at this moment. 

Have a poke about the forums but if you do go down that route purchase from Amazon as you have a nice window of return if you don’t like what you pick. 

A side note but as you are connecting to a modem only be careful what you connect to it as the HG612 offers no defence against probes, I’ve no idea what level of firewall protection the PS5 has and I don’t know it’s networking chipset apart from its AX1800 chip it uses. 


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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

You in N.Ireland by any chance? I get around 16ms on my FTTP, got between 18-24 on FTTC - the routing from both connections was similar.
BT FTTP 500/75 via ASUS RT-AX88U
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Re: Latency (Ping) increase


no in Glasgow, ongoing issue which is frustrating 

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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

Have you tried running PingPlotter and seeing what results you have?


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Re: Latency (Ping) increase

No I will look into that

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