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Loss of Connection, Same Time, Every Night??

My phone line and Broadband is with BT. I also have Sky Q with NetFlix. One Sky box is in our lounge, the other in my teenage son's bedroom. Every night without fail, a minute or so after midnight, he loses connection when watching NetFlix. It seems too much of a coincidence with it happening the same time every night, which suggests its maintenance / upgrades or something similar, but I don't know whether the issue lies with BT and the Broadband connection, or Sky their package and Netflix???

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Re: Loss of Connection, Same Time, Every Night??

I posted this earlier in the week, could it apply to you?

Re: Hub reset

May I just add that our hub did exactly the same. It was suggested by one of the forum experts (sorry, cannot remember which one but they're all good blokes) that an electrical surge may be the culprit.

Well, it was. We are on economy 7 and therefore everything switches over to the so-called "white meter" during the night around 1:00 am. This causes a surge, hence the hub reset. Strange but true in our case.

This doesn't affect the hub's performance in any way but I do have to wait patiently when I am burning the midnight oil (as one does during lockdown). 

Could this possibly be the problem in your case?

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Re: Loss of Connection, Same Time, Every Night??

Is you son connecting wifi not ethernet?

is hub actually dropping internet connection or is you sone dropping the wifi connection to the hub?

is SKY Q set to power ECO?

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