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MacBook Pro wifi connection problem

I'm using a Homehub 5 and in the house we have 2 iPhones, an iPad, an iMac and 2 MacBook Pros.  All except the 2 MacBook Pros connect perfectly.  The MacBook Pros sometimes connect automatically but often fail.  If I try to connect manually I'm asked for the password but it's always rejected as invalid when it definitely is correct.  The problem is worst when in the same room as the hub.  Restarting the MacBook Pro and/or the hub generally does not help.  I've been through the BT help sites resulting in the wireless channel being changed twice which works fine for a day before the fault returns.  As all the other devices connect 100% of the time I feel the problem must be down to the MacBook Pros or their settings and not the hub.  Can anyone help me, please?

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Re: MacBook Pro wifi connection problem

as hh5 have you tried turning off smart setup?  then turn off smart wireless and split the 2.4 and 5ghz networks by say adding a 5 to the 5ghz network SSID.  then select a channle manually for each network.  you can keep same passoword for both.


then try and connect to either or both the SSIDs. this way if you move about the home you may find the 5ghz is stronger but shorter distance that 2.4 but devices would automatically select either network - assuming they can work on 5ghz

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