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Making a complaint BT / Openreach before I have requested a service

This is a really tricky one so I will try and explain.

I am moving to a new build house in May. The property is on a development of just 4 houses so the builder is not obliged to get the phone lines done by Openreach although all pipes etc are in place. The current phone line is a wooden pole at the end of the street.

One chap has already moved in and has (Since November 2016) been trying to get Openreach (through BT) to put the infrastructure in place so he can have a phone line / broadband. To date (updated yesteday) Openreach have not turned up when they advised they would and simply postpone works on each occasion referring him back to BT.


Now, I have not exchanged contracts yet (likely in 2 weeks) so I cant ask BT home move to start the process. However I KNOW that when they do there will be an issue, even though the openreach website says (for the post code) that services are accepting orderes and all infrastructure is in (because it isnt and the guy there has been on a dongle for months).


I work from home and HAVE to have a phone and broadband connection... no option... so I am seriously considering stopping the house transaction because of this. I had a number of thoughts...


1) Make an executive complaint to BT about a failure to deliver a service which I have not yet applied for on the basis that I know they will fail to provide when I apply.

2) Open a BT Buisness account now as I know they prioritise moves for business to try and get them to make openreach do the work.

3) Cant speak to openreach as they simply send me back to BT

4) Both the BT home move dept and Openreach website say that BB and Tel are available on the postcode (openreach even list the exact address) but it just isnt true.

5) Consider satellite broadband (nuclear option) and doesnt sort a phone line.

6) Pull out of the house sale (seems drastic but these 3 months are my busiest all year and the cost to my business could run literally into £50-£60k.. so it is a real prospect.


I am in constant contact with the chap who has moved in who has been to offcom, spoken to sen managers at openreach etc all to no avail with promised appointments being cancelled and neither BT or Openreach prepared to confirm any dates for certain.    


So, my question is... does anyone have a suggestion as to the approach I should make.... it seems to me that I am powerless to do anything although I am prepared to spend money to get a radical solution sorted if thats possible.... any sugestions?


Many thanks in advance : Dom  

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Re: Making a complaint BT / Openreach before I have requested a service


This is a BT Retail forum and has nothing to do with Openreach.


This page may help


Openreach will not provide any infrastructure unless there are firm orders from providers like BT Retail, Sky, TalkTalk, etc.


As its a business connection you need, then BT Retail would not be able to help, and you would have to place the order with BT Business. BT Business connections do get priority, so that would be your best course of action.


BT Business offerings are on this page.


A leased line would be one option. BT Quick Connect.




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Re: Making a complaint BT / Openreach before I have requested a service

I your case I would recommend the business route as not only the line installation is prioritised by the SLA is much better for you.


Just follow the links @Keith_Beddoe has given you.

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