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Mesh networks

What I'm looking to achieve is to put a new mesh network in the house (3 bedroom semi-detached UK). Requirements the prime mesh node would connect to the internet via British Telecom Home Hub 6, this can't be dumbed down to being just a modem or we'd have a double-NAT situation unless of I bought a modem like the DrayTek Vigor 130 VDSL2/ADSL Fibre (FTTP/BT Infinity) Ethernet Modem.

If the above is can be sorted then the other issue is that the secondary node would be in the home office upstairs diametrically opposite to where the prime node would be located. This node would be used for WiFi and also LAN port connectivity for a workstation / tablets. It would also need to be connected to the primary node via WiFi, running a LAN cable between the two is not feasible.

As we're running with BT Telecoms Fibre 1 service (vDSL) then is is using a UK DSL PPPOE connection.

WiFi SSIDs need to be splittable so that I can maintain the main network on the 2.4Ghz band as a some Homekit devices I have are only 2.4Ghz compatible.

I've tried Velop (and that is going back to Amazon due to constant disconnections).

Eero is out as it does not support PPPOE.

BT Whole home is out as you can't split the SSID's or I believe turn off the 5Ghz Band.

Ubiquti are out as it looks like their wireless AP's are WiFI only with no LAN port.

Orbi are looking favourite at the moment even though separate SSIDs have to be put in place via a telnet hack.

Any thoughts or recommendations are appreciated guys.

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