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Moving from HH4 to HH5

After recently changing to Infinity, when HH5 was plugged in etc, the whole 'upgrade' process worked seamlessly on my Compaq laptop but not on the other laptop we have, Dell Latitude.


This Dell has a Netgear Wg511 PC card installed to access our wi-fi signal, yet after the process of change the connectivity refuses to recognise the new 10 digit wireless password and the default password always comes up with 8 digit code which was in place for use with HH4.


Dell uses XP Sp3 and otherwise works fine - ethernet access to internet is fine.


Tried quite a few different things after surfing the interweb plus using BT desktop help but still no joy. Inclination is that I may need to get a new(er) USB dongle to access wi-fi in place of, admittedly, old Netgear card, but reluctant to do that until all other options investigated.


Am I missing something simple?

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Re: Moving from HH4 to HH5

why don't you just change the wireless password to something more memorable?  have you tried 'forgetting' the hh4 ssid and then setting up the hh5 ssid


that certainly is an old card so maybe an upgrade to a usb adapter may be worth the investment

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Re: Moving from HH4 to HH5

Is it possible that your HH 2.4GHz is set to support 802.11 N only - as your laptop wireless card seems to be a 'G' card, not a 'N' card.

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