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Moving to BT broadband - will BT router work OK with Sky Q?

I've had to leave Sky broadband and move to BT in order to connect to the fibre that Openreach recently installed on our road.   So I'll be getting a new BT router to replace my current Sky router in a couple of weeks.  I've read that some people have experienced problems with the connection to their Sky Q set-up when they're not using a Sky router.  I have Sky Q all working fine at the moment, so wondered if anyone has any experiences/tips?   Would you expect the BT engineer who's coming out to ensure Sky Q etc is all working OK on the install day?  

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Re: Moving to BT broadband - will BT router work OK with Sky Q?

The openreach engineer ( not BT engineer) will just make sure your FTTP connection is working and you are getting internet connection to your hub. The rest is up to you

you first need to turn off smart setup in the hub and then I would select the wireless channels manually instead of auto - use a wifi analyser on your phone -  I would when selecting the channel use another channel apart from 36 on the 5ghz network as sky q uses that


Turn Off smart setup




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Re: Moving to BT broadband - will BT router work OK with Sky Q?

Thanks very much, appreciated.  OK, thought as much...  I got a text to say it's a BT engineer coming out - but I'm sure you're right regards it being Openreach (and they'll just be focused on getting the FTTP sorted).  I'll get myself a WiFi analyzer app in readiness...  In theory, I assume there should be no problem anyway, just seems to be problematic...

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