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Music streaming Spotify Tidal

I have conducted a brief trawl of the forum for connectivity issues between BT routers and music streaming services, specifically Spotify and Tidal.  I have seen a number of references and so far I think I can summarise as follows:

There are a number of cases where music streaming services drop out after a track or two.

The stock replies appear to be:

 - split SSIDs and turn off Smart Setup

 - buy a different router

Many messages of this nature have not been satisfactorily closed with Hub settings adjustments.

I can paraphrase my music streaming rendering device manufacturer's response to the issue as, "ah....BT router..." .

Is there something systemically going on?   People need to know BT wi-fi routers may not converse with certain (music streaming) devices (/services).  I wasn't aware the device I bought would not communicate satisfactorily with my Smart Hub 2. Conversely, BT didn't make it clear that its routers may have communication issues with certain devices (no "here is a link to devices known to be ok/nok").



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