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My Home Hub 5 will not recognise my Xbox One

Hi guys/girls


Now i've some digging on here regarding people that have been having issues with connecting their Xbox's to the BT Hubs, but dont think i have come across the issue i am finding. My Xbox One X is connected to the router via an Ethernet Cat 6 cable and at first it worked fine, but after a couple of days its stopped.


Now I type my address in the browser and have viewed the list of devices connected to the hub and it is not showing my Xbox plugged in via ethernet, all it shows on the port is 1Gb/s and thats it. Now the weird part is that my brother also has an Xbox One connected via ethernet cable however i would assume it is a Cat 5 and the hub recognises his Xbox fine and stays connected via cable.


There is nothing wrong with my Cat 6 cable because I plug the same cable into my laptop and it recognises it and works fine, its just the Xbox having issues.


If anyone has any idea how I could fix this problem I am eager to hear from you, as my wireless has been causing me problems for the last month


Many thanks



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