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My laptop (connected) does not appear under devices on HH5



Been investigating an unrelated problem on my WiFi network when I noticed that my laptop which I am using to connect over WiFi to the Home Hub 5 is not appearing in the list of devices and neither does its address appear under the DHCP tab and wondering why not.

I have

BT Home Hub 5 (Type A) | Software version | Last updated 04/03/19

My laptop is running Google searches and browsing web pages all the time and when I hover over the network icon in systray it says it is connected to the HH SSID yet according to the HH5 it is not connected to the hub - how can this be and what config needs changing so my laptop does appear in the lists.

I am running Windows 10 Ver 1909.

Obviously not a huge problem as laptop is quite happily connecting to the hub but it does cause confusion when doing troubleshooting when you can't even see your own laptop as connected through the hub admin

Cheers John

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Re: My laptop (connected) does not appear under devices on HH5

This isn't not uncommon but if it is causing you a problem then do a factory reset of the hub

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