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Net protect plus installs lost on dead machines

Multiple broadband options from bt come with Net Protect plus, and as a long time bt broadband customer I have used it on multiple machines for years.
BT alow you to have 7 computers running net protect, which is great, more than enough to suit an average familys needs.
Unfortunately however computers break and get replaced.

My problem, is that I have purchased a new computer and want to install netProtect, but have instaled it on 7 previous computers. I am aware that by uninstalling netprotect from one of my old computers would allow me to install it on my new computer but unfortunately 3 of these old pcs are broken, and the rest are still in constant use and I want to keep net protect on them.

So my question is how can I remove the 3 licences for net protect software from my dead pcs so that I can install it on my new one, or any future pcs for that matter.

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