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Netgear D7000 v2

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Hi All

We need help. We have fibre 250/halo 1 FTTC , which is VDSL (is that correct ?). After buying a Netgear D7000 v2 to replace a home hub which seems to randomly lose connection on several different devices, I tried to set it up yesterday and failed completely. I have referenced the previous articles regarding D7000 set up, but none of those things seem to work. I have tried setting the DNS and ISP addresses from the HH, but to no avail. The LED for the internet connection never lights despite this apparently being the correct router for BT purposes.

Can anyone with knowledge of this run me through the settings required, or at least tell me that if the LED doesn't light, I have the wrong modem/router ? I have put the username and pw in as recommended and tried the VDSL manual set up as previously described for the original D7000. The auto set up just says that there is no internet connection....

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Netgear D7000 v2

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If you have fibre 250 it is G.Fast not VDSL, hence the D7000 will be incompatible. There are very few modem/routers as it is a very niche market. There is the Asus DSL 88U or the Zyxel XMG 3927 B50A

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Re: Netgear D7000 v2

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Hi Licquorice

Damn it....It does say on it, and I looked it up, but it just seemed to be a company, rather than a specification. Either way, thank you so much for the info.  I'll cancel the engineer visit....


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