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New FTTP install advise please


I'm having FTTP installed into my house but would like some info about the install as its impossible to speak with the installation team before they come out and have a different to average network setup.

Yesterday BT pulled through a fibre cable through their conduit and left a small spool of fibe outside the entry to the house.
What is this going to be connected to as I have no power the other side of the door only the vdsl socket of which has HQ cable running the vdsl into my garage where I have a comms cabinet with the vdsl modem in connected to my asus router.
I'm presuming I need to get the fibre cable run into the garage to my comms cabinet.
Then is there a modem box to convert the fibre into a Wan?
Then in theory I can just connect the wan output to my existing Asus router meaning I don't have to re setup all the ports or is there more setup required.
Also i'm reading there is also a backup battery box is that correct?




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Re: New FTTP install advise please

Take a look at this short video from Openreach. I had FTTP installed this week and this video is exactly what they did around my house.

The video is in a box called: "Installing Full Fibre to your premises"