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New Fibre 900 package - aimesh options for full 5GHz coverage

Hi all,

I have the Fibre 900 package being installed tomorrow and am looking at potential options to replace the BT SH2 which I have been sent. I would like to have access to additional features (QoS etc)  and I have also read of some issues with the SH2 on the higher FTTP packages. 

I am currently considering purchasing 2 x Asus RT-86U's (or even 1 x 86U as main router and a 68U via aimesh) with the router replacing the SH2 and the other connected via AiMesh to boost signal upstairs where it can sometimes be patchy. For reference my house is a typical 4 bed detached new build (circa 2012) so no thick walls etc. 

I am not planning to go Wi-Fi 6 but instead I plan to look at 6e once more products are released, so this solution is more a 12-18 months one so not intending to spend huge amounts of money. In the house we have a variety of devices that will connect via Wi-Fi (an LG B7 OLED TV, 2 x Nintendo Switches, 3 x LG LM630 TV's, iPhone XS, 6S and Samsung A71 phones, an Xbox One X and a Xbox One S and also 2 x Echo Dot 4th gens) - all of which are capable of dual band 802.11ac but none capable of Wi-Fi 6. 

I did look at the BT complete Wi-Fi disc options but have read this can be patchy performance wise?

AiMesh seems to be a very good system and so I was wondering if anyone has a similar setup to comment on performance? Interested to get comments on the AiMesh setup, i.e. 86u/86u or 86u/68u or even 68u/68u for usage?

I am just mindful that I will have 900mb and would like the devices to be the bottleneck not the Wi-Fi if possible, so aim is for all to be able to get good signal on 5GHz 802.11ac across the house. Still open to other suggestions as well. 




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Re: New Fibre 900 package - aimesh options for full 5GHz coverage

ASUS AiMesh could handle all that with ease. Your choice on 2x RT-86u's or 1 + RT-68U.