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New Hub

Hopefully a few easy questions.....though I'm finding it all very confusing.

As part of my latest contract with BT they sent me (unasked for) a new Hub which I will call "Hub B". There was no fundamental change to my contract - just a renewal really.

I connected the new "Hub B" to the socket, my TV and my BT round device that I got some time ago to improve the coverage in my home. They are 3 devices I think referred to as "Whole Home".

So far so good.....

I expected then to have to input the new Hub "Wireless network B" password to my PC ,  my TV &  mobile etc but haven't been asked to. Even my mobile is still using the original  "Wireless Network Hub  A" connection. Everything is working OK but I wonder if I should have done something else. I fear I may not be getting the speed/service because of this.

I can't have 2 broadband from one connection, can I?

Should I have ditched the connection to Hub A & "Whole Home" when the new Hub arrived?

If so, how? & why do BT not say that in their leaflet?

Why is the old one still working?

I appreciate this may seem simple, if confusing but can someone PLEASE tell me in easy baby steps how to sort this out? The BT help pages are pretty useless - I have tried!

Thank you if you have read this far!



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Re: New Hub

My best guess based on what you say is that you won't be asked to input the new password Hub password on your devices.

Your equipment doesn't know it is supposed to be using a different router.

So you will have to actively do that yourself such as by clicking the network icon on a PC and selecting your new connection from the list that will appear.

Your old Hub should be unplugged and totally disconnected. Just use the new.


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Re: New Hub

With WholeHome, you're Wi-Fi devices are not connecting to the wireless channel on your hub, they are connecting to the discs. I think the idea of WholeHome is that you turn off both Wi-Fi channels on the hub.

You have previously set the password for the WholeHome system and that remains unchanged when you change your router, hence you can change routers as many times as you like and the Wi-Fi SSID & password remains whatever is set in the WholeHome system 

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