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New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

I was hoping that someone would be able to shed some light on the issues I am having with the new smart hub which I had in November.  I have had so many issues with it, mainly not being able to connect devices to it.  I have spoken to BT on numerous occasions with regards to this and there was a fault at the exchange, it all worked ok for a couple of days and then bam its back to not being able to connect either my laptop or my phone or both.  It keeps booting our TV and sky Q too.  I have had a replacement router which was no better.  Could it have something to do with Sky Q??  Since having Sky Q installed the mini box hasnt been able to connect at all.  Every evening I have to reconnect to wifi on my tv, I work from home and most of the time I have to connect using BT wifi hotspot.  The kids are using up all their mobile data at home.  I really dont know what the solution is.  I have this morning been and found out the old router which everything connects too but is very very slow.


Any tips or hints would be greatly received.



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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

Hi, I know this reply is a bit late in coming but it may help others. BT were hopeless, Sky not much better and each blame the other. When I got my new smart hub everything connected ok except my sky wireless connector. Well actually I did connect (two white lights) and was recognised by the smart hub but it wouldn't connect to the actual internet. Other people have had problems with other devices that used to work on their old hub. But the sky problem seems to be the most common, and of course no connection means no on demand service. After 3 weeks of getting no help from bt or sky here was my fix....

Make sure your device in this case sky wireless is all switched on. You should have 2 white lights but your tv will say no on demand service, any attempt at wps or entering hub
Password will fail.
Step 1. Open your smart hub manager on a pc or laptop by typing in a web address bar.

Step 2. Go into 'my devices' and click 'change settings' at top of box

Step 3. Enter admin password when prompted which will appear as a pop up box. Your admin password is on the back of your bt hub.

Step 4. Look at the list of devices that are shown as being connected wirelessly to the hub and search for the device, in this sky wireless connector. You should see it in the list but it will have no blue icon showing that it is connected to internet. All other devices that are working properly will have this icon.

Step 5. Click the device box in this case sky wireless connector. This will open the settings for that device

Step 6. Look for the option 'Always use this IP address' and change the setting from 'No' to 'Yes '
Above it in the list of settings the 'Assignment' box will now change to say the word 'Static'.

Step 7. Now click the 'save' button.

That's it. You should now be able to connect. Sometimes you may need to reboot sky by pressing and holding the standby button on your remote. Check out sky help if you are not sure how to do this.

I really hope this helps you.
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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

Well tried everything in this thread to get a wireless connection between my shiny new smart Hub and my sky Q 2Tb box, all to no avail. The main box connected to the BT netwiork but refused to acknowledge the internet link despite me being able to download over it!! Both my miniboxes refused to work as there was a 'x' against ineternet service on Sky Q Network Settings whatever I tried.


Then I just got ratted off and connected an ethernet cable which also had given the same 'no internet response' and did a reboot of the main box. Much to my surprise it came back with a 'tick in the box' claiming it was connected by wire to the internet now but the Network Name was that of the 'mesh network' - which is surely impossible as it's wireless. Checked in Smart Hub Manager and watched the downloads against a wired port on my Smart Hub. Ho hum.


After a bit of a fight using the FPS facility a few times I finally got both miniboxes working too.


Answers on a postcard... 

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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi



I had the same problem today after reluctantly resorting to the BT HomeHub.


After messing around with everything I could think of for a few hours, I finally got it working.


  1. I split the hub into 2.4 and 5 (not sure if this helped, but I can't be bothered going back to test)
  2. Trying to add the SkyQ box as a wireless connection still showed NO available wireless networks. Finally I tried adding the hub manually by entered the SSID (the name under the 'Wireless Network Name') and the password.
  3. Sorted!!

Hope this helps.



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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

These and the foregoing posts are not very encouraging to people like me who are about to go for the Smart Hub 2 with their existing Sky Q set ups.  I was hoping for a seamless upgrade to deliver the promised improvement in wifi performance throughout the house. I really don't fancy loads of hassle, hours of effort trying to sort it, and the inevitable grief from the family while tvs laptops and phones won't connect properly. Maybe I should cancel the order?? Decisions.

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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

@dogmando I have Sky Q and the new SmartHub 2 and BT Complete WiFi and I’m pleased to report that the setup between the Q box and SmartHub via WiFi was straightforward and I’ve had no issues since getting the new hub about three weeks ago.

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Re: New Smart Hub and Sky Q Disconnecting/unable to connect to wifi

Thanks for replying. That is v. good to hear. I'm glad your's went well. Mine is due to be delivered tomorrow. I'll give it a go. 

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