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New home, new customer and new to FTTP


I need to setup my Smart Hub in my new build home. 

The house already has the large Openreach box (modem?) and a smaller one (battery pack?) installed in a cupboard. This seems to already be wired to the house - there are ethernet ports in all the rooms. 


How do i connect the Smart Hub to this configuration to allow the house to stay wired up? If i follow the instructions on the Smart Hub - i will remove the grey wire that is plugged into the Openreach box and put that into my Smart Hub. Does the Smart Hub replace the Openreach Box? 

Please see attached picture of what i have currently in my cupboard;



Any help would be appreciated,
Kind regards

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Re: New home, new customer and new to FTTP

Since it's an FTTP connection, the Home Hub needs to connect to the big white modem.  If BT have sent you the right Hub, it should have one of the Ethernet ports marked as a WAN port.  That's the one that goes to the modem.  The remaining Ethernet ports are for connecting your computers, set-top boxes, etc.


If your home is wired for eithernet, you have a couple of choices -

  1. Connect the Hub straight to the modem, in the cupboard.  Connect the remaining outputs of the Hub to whichever Ethernet lines go to where you want them (I hope somebody has labelled them).
  2. Use one of the Ethernet wires in the home to connect between the modem and the Hub, wherever you want to put the Hub.  However, this may limit where you can connect the outgoing Ethernet ports on the Hub, because the patch panel is in the cupboard.
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Re: New home, new customer and new to FTTP

It looks like the previous owners connected their router (hub) to wherever the socket that has the grey lead connected goes to. You can either unplug the grey lead from the patch panel and connect it to the red WAN port of your hub and then connect its LAN ports to the sockets in the patch panel to distribute Ethernet connections, or just connect the hub as the previous owner. The former would be better if you wish to have Ethernet connections available at multiple locations, the latter if you wish to use wireless more extensively.

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