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New to VPN

I am new to VPN and am an idiot when it comes to IT but always willing to try. I have been given VPN access to work from home. Laptop uses Cisco Anywhere Connect app. I can connect laptop to by internet service but when I go to connect VPN it says connection failed- check internet and server settings. I have BT infinity with a home hub 6.

Trawling through forums on line there seems to have been issues regarding thus in the past. Lots of solutions on line but don’t really understand.

Is it something I can do at home I.e. is it a setting issue with my hub? I’ve adjusted firewall and done something called Dmx for my work laptop. No idea what ports would be used or settings for port forwarding. If not do I need a third party router and can I use this and keep my by home hub? Am very stuck and frustrated.
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