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Nintendo switch will only connect to Wi-fi through a personal hotspot

Hi my kids have a Nintendo switch and a switch lite, neither of these will connect to online play through Wi-fi without going through a personal hotspot, I have read on other posts about turning smart set up on the hub off which I have done, I also seen about turning of bt web protect, but if I turn that off will that not leave devices open to scamming and kids accessing websites that they shouldn’t? 
With the smart hub 2 there are also issues with some social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp, at the minute I can only access WhatsApp when I use 4g on my phone.

the hub is also not allowing access to the mathletics app, which is part of the youngest home learning that he has to complete for school.

is anyone else having issues like this and is there anything I can do? (I would need a babystep walk through as I wouldn’t have a clue about wave bands and SSID etc)


please help

a Mam about to pull her hair out

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Re: Nintendo switch will only connect to Wi-fi through a personal hotspot


Welcome to this user forum.

Try turning off BT Web Protect and BT Parental controls first, and see if its the cause of the problem.  I would not worry too much about scamming sites, as many web browsers will normally warn you of any suspect sites.

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