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Odd Teams & Cisco Anyconnect disconnection issue

To set some context, both myself and my wife work from home, we're in different rooms but connected to the same wireless network. I'm using a HP Laptop and she's using a Surface Pro, i don't need a VPN but she uses Cisco Anyconnect. We have FTTP with a SmartHub 2 which has the wireless turned off. I have 3 BT Whole Home Premium discs, the first of which is uplinked with cat5 cable to the BT SmartHub, the whole home manages the wireless. Everything works fine, with the exception of in the past week or so whenever i join a Teams meeting on my laptop within 15 seconds it freezes then says there's a problem and tries to reconnect, after a few more seconds it does reconnect but at the same time it kicks my wife off the VPN and she needs to reconnect. I'm a tech consultant myself so i know what i'm doing but this has me baffled. Interestingly my boss at work who also has a SmartHub but with a DSL connection says if he connects the Cisco Anyconnect VPN client on his iPad it boots him off Teams ... then proceeded to demonstrate.

Any ideas on what the issue is here?

SmartHub is on firmware v0.26.04.04227-BT

BT Whole Home is on firmware SGAB205018

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