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One extremely frustrating problem regarding Ports...

If anyone at all has any past experience with this issue, or has any information they can share I would appreciate it so much! 🙂


Basically a couple year ago I decided to go ahead and buy a Playstation 3. Everything was cool, I was able to connect and play with friends. Then everything went sour when I changed my ISP to BT. I now seem to have a "Strict Nat", and after some researching found the root of the problem is to do with my BT Home hub 2.0 and ports that aren't correctly forwarded.


I forwarded all ports I needed to correctly, and according to Playstation help this should fix my problem.. It didn't. Nothing changed, my NAT is still Strict and I cannot connect and play games with my friends anymore.. Which to be honest sucks.


I have called BT help on two seperate occasions, and for most of both 40+ minute calls I felt I was teaching the advisor, not the otherway around. Both advisors did nothing to help, they just repeated the steps I had taken and when I checked, and told them it was still not working how it should they pretty much said they can't help and that was that.


I am extremely litterate with computers, and all areas of IT. So it's rather annoying when I've had several years of website and gaming programming in a variety of different programming languages to have a random person from the otherside of the world tell me to download a "Self help service" from the BT website, and be taught how to reset a router to factory default.


It's annoying, and I'm not one for venting my frustration out on an internet forum because I usually fix the problem myself after some delliberation. But I feel this is my last hope before I change providers.


Anyone who could help, I would appreciate it!


Kind Regards,


Ben Ryan.

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Re: One extremely frustrating problem regarding Ports...

I had the same issue. New hub 3 fixed the problem for me, I paid for the hub as I was in contract but that side alone made it worth it.
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