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Online gaming is helpless with BT

Years ago when I moved and BT was the only option I got ADSL with HH3. I wasn't able to play games online anymore with my Nintendo Wii. I've tried everything I found online, nothing worked. At the end I found one way to make it work by myself and it was by tethering my laptop's WIFI and I connected my Wii onto that - absolute joke.


Now I got Infinity with a HH4 and on my PC I'd like to play games using GameRanger (internet gaming service) and sometimes I can join a game or two, but can't host games at all! Even if I DMZ my PC, switch off the HH4's firewall, disable my Win7's firewall, diasable my antivirus - still can't host games! Port forwarding generally doesn't work, let alone UPnP... I'd only need to open one port (16000 UDP) but if I do, once it works, once it's not. HH's software is messed up, sometimes it forgets port assignements. The whole HH router is a nightmare! Read a lot of advice already, so even tried switching off DHCP and giving my devices fix IPs out of the DHPC range and using their fix IP for assignements but then no matter what, the connected devices never show up on the list! (I changed the IP settings in my PC, too.) I rebooted the HH and my PC, switched off every other devices and still, no device listed ergo I can't assign port forwarding or DMZ rules to my PC using fix IPs. Yet the internet was working fine. Any other idea? Nobody using GameRanger? :S

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Re: Online gaming is helpless with BT

Hi Anition,


I am sorry to hear you have had a few problems gaming on line. I can look into this for you. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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