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Open Ports Problem.

Recently i dumped my security software and am now doing the rounds of the trial versions to find one that is more to my taste. With each new program i perform a security check that includes an online scan of my own ports, as well as an internal scan of my router at 192.168..0.1 to 192.168..0.2 which is the Homehub's internal address. While the scan of my public address shows a clean bill of health my internal scan has left me worried. Ports 7070 and 550 are very much open. Both Kaspersky, the outgoing program and Norton, the incoming one say i'm clear of the ugly stuff. 

Could another Homehub user scan their routers internal address for open 7070 and 550 ports for me please? Would anything break if i portforward them to a closed port to shut them up?

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