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PPPoE or PPPoA ??

Hi, in addition to my earlier post.. can anyone advise on the following..


I had a HH6, which i swapped for a White Openreach modem (Huawei Echolife HG612) and Netgear router (R7000).


When i set this system up i only ever entered the following settings..






This has worked fine, but now i have opened up the back of the house i am struggling with range so i have purchased an Ubiquiti ApliFi AFI HD (the one with the circle display).


When setting this up, i used the same credentials as above, but with limited success. It keeps complaining about IPv4 settings and shows no internet connection. If i do a factory reset, sometimes it works for a bit them drops off.


I have reached out to BT and they said for a 3rd party route i shoud use the following..


You can use the settings below :Connection type: PPPoA (PPPoATM)
VCI = 38, VPI = 0
Encapsulation: VCMUX
Modulation: G.DMT
RFC: 2364
Network type: WAN (Not LAN)
MTU: Auto/Normal 1458 – 1500 (Lower numbers can help if data corruption occurs default is 1500)
QOS: UBR (Unlikely to be CBR/VBR)
The username should be of the format for BTBB customers. Also no password is required, but if the router insists, use bt as the password.


In all honesty i do not know the differences between PPPoE and PPPoA.


BT say i need to use PPPoA but i have always used PPPoE?


The options i can enter on the ubiquiti aplifi are...


PPPoE Username:

PPPoE Password:

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Hardware NAT (Yes/No)

UPNP (Yes/No)

Clone Mac Address (Yes/No)

VLAN ID (Yes/No)

IPV6 (Yes/No)

Bridge Mode (Yes/No)



Can any one assist with this?


Kind regards.


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