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PS4 and Vita Remote Play Help with Home Hub 4



Please can someone provide me some laymens terms help so I can use my PS Vita to remotely connect to my PS4?

I can get it to connect on the same network but not when outside of the home.


The PS4 and Vita are linked and all the general settings are on, I think it is the Router settings I need to change.


My readings have told me a few options:


- Open Port Forwarding

- Static IP

- DMZ the PS4


These are pretty foreign to me so wondered if anyone can give me a guided hand who has done it before on HH4?


Thanks in advance 


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Re: PS4 and Vita Remote Play Help with Home Hub 4

Firstly, both the PS4 and Vita requires a good connection. I heard both should receive above 3 upload, and a ping below 30ms. (Don't take my word for it). I have a Home hub 5 which I think is pretty much the same, buy the Home Hub 4 uses an Open reach modem. So firstly, what you want to do is to give your PS4 a static IP. Just some other stuff I'd say if your using WiFi on PS4, keep it at a high signal strength, of around 95% above, but that's if your unable to wire it. If you can wire it then I'll recommend you do that.

To set a static IP watch this video.

So after you set a static IP on your PS4. Head to a laptop or computer and go on to a browser and type (I think that's HH4 gateway). Watch this video.

If you do get stuck somewhere message me back. Hopefully, I or someone else will assist you.
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Re: PS4 and Vita Remote Play Help with Home Hub 4



Sadly this just didnt work for me - or atleast I'm not clever enough to manage the Router settings

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