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Parental Control - blocking named websites , just how good is it?

Currently in my Asus router I block some websites (by DDNS name) to prevent my Youview box being updated to the latest hideous Home screen.

I'm trying to ensure the same happens if I use a SmartHub & Parental controls.

It's obvious that I need to use BT's DNS servers otherwise Parental Controls won't work and initial tests show me that it does have some success.

For example if I block my son's DDNS name using BT's DNS servers & parental controls turned on with his DDNS name in the blocked list then if I try to ftp to his ftp server I get it's IP address interpreted but can't get any further than that, which is good.

So can I 100% rely on Parental Controls for my Youview update process blocking to work & prevent any further updates?

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