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Ping spikes on BT Fibre

Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue whereby I am getting extreme ping spikes on my 70mb down, 20mb up Fibre to property BT network. 

This includes all devices connected to the network, either by ethernet or wifi. I have ran continuous ping's to and basically every 20-30 seconds I am getting massive fluctuations in my ping.  Total nightmare for online gaming. 

In terms of speedtests, my results are very good/as expected. 

I was recently provided with mini connectors by BT tech support but this has not resolved the issue at all, unfortunately. The issue still persists even when connected directly a router. 

I have performed port forwarding, recommended by Sony themselves re the ping spike issues I am receiving on my PS5 but as expected, this did not help at all. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can try? 

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