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Ping spikes when gaming and watching Netflix and streams

Since renewing my contract just before Christmas 2018 for a further 24 months I am having constant issues to the point where I feel like I've gone back a decade. Previously I had fibre infinity with no problems for 2 years. Within a couple of weeks of renewal I've been having constant issues to the point that if somebody in the house is streaming, any gaming becomes unplayable due to constant and erratic high ping fluctuations.

I have researched on line for a solution and have held numerous discussions via BT chat and gone through all suggestions with no joy to these constant issues. 

I am left wondering if my package has been amended in any way that I am unaware of as there were no issues prior to renewal. I have seen many people suffering similar isssues whilst browsing community posts which generally seem unresolved. The only resolution I have seen that appears relevant is a change to a stable service or a very stable service.

Currently there are two gamers and three people constantly streaming in the same household. If anyone is streaming no-one can play on multi player games without having constant ping fluctuations that make the game unplayable.

I have replaced the home hub 6 with a third party router that can handle QOS but the issue still remains. I have cut down to using one PC connected directly to the router via ethernet and the issue still remains. Cables have been changed with no effect. I have checked the line for noise which appears to be fine and exhausted all internal options and remain  convinced there is an external issue.

I would very much appreciate any help with this issue and hope to resolve this soon.

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Re: Ping spikes when gaming and watching Netflix and streams

I had this problem occur in December 2018 and after 2 months I gave up as I'm moving home soon. Cannot game at all because of ping spikes and I had no problem for the 2 years I have been with BT until December 2018. Since I'm leaving home start March I gave up trying to fix it. Good luck

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Re: Ping spikes when gaming and watching Netflix and streams

Had the same issue, PS4 unplayable due to ping spikes as soon as Netflix in use. I seem to have sorted it by logging on to my Netflix account through a browser, in player settings I changed data usage from auto to low and turned off the auto next episode function. You need to change and save the settings separately in each viewer profile. So far both are in use and the PS4 ping has dropped right down with no spikes. Hope this helps
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