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Planning for FTTP - stone walls

I expect to be able to have FTTP this year and am thinking of how this will work. It is a stone-built house with thick walls. Three questions arise.

A): The telephone line now comes in from an insulator high on the back wall (leading back to a pole up the back lane) - it comes in the side of a sash window box, to the kitchen.  The master socket is there and I have a CAT 6 cable to the room next door, my study.  So the first question is bringing the fibre through a stone wall. It will arrive overhead on the route of the existing phone line (the team has been here clearing a route through the trees behind). I'd like to have it brought in through the wall into the 1.5m high space under the floor and then up through the wooden floor with the ONT then mounted on the wall in the study - where I can provide 2 power sockets.  Does that sound possible?

B): I use an ECI (old) modem to feed my DECO M5 mesh system and that is just perfect.   I guess I will be able to connect the DECO direct to the ONT and carry on as currently? 

C): However, if I am to have DV, I think I need a SmartHub 2 - can that be fed off the DECO system? Or do I have to feed the DECO off the SH2?  I'd rather stay with a copper line for telephone but I understand that is going in 2025 and I want to future-proof the system.

I am in Edinburgh, with masses of old stone houses like mine, so the OR teams will be used to these issues, I expect.  Even so I'd like to have thought it through a bit before they arrive.  I will be putting some lighting and security cables through the stone basement wall, using the route I suggest and could easily  put a plastic pipe in for the fibre while I was at it (is there a spec for doing that?).


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