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Playstation Network Slow and Laggy although I have good speed elsewhere!



Ok i've tried eveyrthgin to my knowledge to fix this issue.


I have BT broadband with 37mb down and 9mb up. All other devices using are fine. If I run a speedtest on the playsation internet browser the speed is fine as above. When I run a speedtest usign PSN network test in network settings I get varied results from 2mb down and 0.5up to 30mb down to 1mb up. The most I have seen is 4mb up.

Wiring has ben checked and changed, plugged the PS straight into the Synology on its own,  blocked all other devices so just the PS running on the netowork via ethernet, used powerline plugs to the console, tried WiFi - all the same. Restored router and PS4 to factory settings - SAME. My friend who gets 60mb down and 18mb with bt up the road on his console on every test brought his concole round. Same slow speed which is unsuable for online gaming. 6 other friends have tested theres at and theres are all withign 1mb of there actual connection while mine is almost non exsistant.


Spoke to BT and PS - No help.


Could really do with some help after 2 weeks of trying eveything.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 19.27.02.pngScreenshot 2019-08-14 at 19.27.22.png

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