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Poor wifi speeds

Hi guys,

We "upgraded" to infinity fibre to cabinet a while back, with that came a hh5. Now we have had a multitude of issues with our consistency of download speed especially over wifi!
On average i have to restart the hub daily as my speed drops from 48-51mb down to anywhere between 5 and 15 on average!
Now i live around a 1/4 mile tops from the exchange, we had a terrible intermitent line crackle on the phone line, have had every bit from the boxes to the house, all internal equipment updates, and even the line in the pit swapped and yet we still have terrible speeds.

Now i know that BT do not guarantee wifi speeds as such, but when they tell you youre getting 50 odd to the router and i get 5 in a wifi that cannot be right!!??

Ive had the router replaced as well!

Im at a loss of what to do next after several engineer visits over the last 6 months!

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Re: Poor wifi speeds

What devices are you actually having problems with?


If you are sure that your line is good, that is, no noise when you use the quiet line test, dial 17070 option 2, there should be silence between announcements, then it's only wireless that's the problem.

Is speed good with ethernet connection IE: you get 48/51mbps when wired?

Are wireless drivers up to date?  As in no newer ones available from manufacturers web site.

Wireless can be affected by many things causing interference.  For example microwaves, other electrical appliances, the type and thickness of walls, interference from neighbours wifi router etc.  You could try changing wireless channels in the router, channel 13 on 2.4GHz is often the least used and similarly channels 64 and above on 5GHz.

If the hub is close to other electrical devices try to move it, or them, farther apart.

There are no guarantees of wireless performance outside of test labs, no two properties, residential or otherwise have the same internal conditions affecting wireless transmissions.

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Re: Poor wifi speeds

My xbox one and my galaxy s6, using a streaming movie service when the speed drops my xbox doesnt even show up as a castable device.

Ive tried swithing channels and splitting the 2.4 and 5ghz...but BT told me to leave them synced.

I can sit in the same room and one day its 51mb and later on its down to 6!!

The noise issue has been an ongoing problem for several years, the hard part is its very intermitent and hard to find.
The last engineer did actually hear a bad noise, but nothing ever seems to get fully fixed by them!
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Re: Poor wifi speeds

please be aware the restarting the hub will be seen by the DLM as connection drops and will ultimately cause your connection speed to drop as the DLM tries to stabilise he connection
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