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Port forwarding gets blocked whenever I expose 80 or 443

Tried Googling this and it seems to be a constant thing with BT routers.

I have a Smart Hub 2 and I need to open port 433 and port 80. I have a home server that hosts a media server, ebook library and some security equipment. I am in the process of making these tools accessible from outside the home and with this router it just doesn't work.

If I remove all port forwarding and leave the router for a few days, or after a restart (depends on luck) then I can open any port as long as it's not 80 or 443. As soon as I open either of these ports, the routers port forwaring features just stop working. The web dashboard says they are open, but none of my services work and none of the ports can be scanned using tools.

I have contacted BT twice about this and both times right after coming off the phone, it magically works. This leads me to believe they are blocking these ports due to traffic, but I have no way in checking.

Does anyone know how to deal with this? I am one more issue away from simply binning this **bleep** router and buying a different peice of kit that can act as a modem, and then setup a pfSense box instead. I don't want to have to do this, because my network is not split in such a way that I need advanced features such as VLANS.

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