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Potentially outgunned by children - controlling internet access

I am trying to limit the hours the children can access the internet primarily at night, other than by removing all electronic devices.  Other than by switching off our home hub 5 (which would be fine in terms of us not needing the internet after their bedtime but would also mean curtains for our tv watching - not fine) and then taking it to bed (which does feel a bit ridiculous) does anyone have a smart idea?  Previous posts have suggested that the savvy child will simply override any changed adminstrator codes (and ours are way more proficient on matters technological than us especially when their access to wifi is under threat...) and reset their access.  Am I missing something?  Many thanks if you can solve this one.

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Re: Potentially outgunned by children - controlling internet access

If you think you can defeat kids with technology, you are deluding yourself.

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Re: Potentially outgunned by children - controlling internet access

If your children have access to the Homehub there is basically nothing you can do with it that they can not over come by one way or another. You will however know that they have done that.


Without trying to give you parental advice, if they do overcome the measures you have put in place you could always introduce a sanction such as taking their devices off them until they learn who is boss. 



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Re: Potentially outgunned by children - controlling internet access

The only other way would be to go after market for a decent router that when reset to factory defaults will be offline until it is setup, it won't go online as you would have to re -enter all the VDSL /pppoe info. after market routers let you set a time for the wirless radios to switch off unfortunately the BT home hub does not.

Other than that, i'd say crack open the BT home hub and remove the factory reset button,  or find a way to make the home hub physically inaccessible, you can ether manually go into the webif and turn off wifi when you don't want them on it or block their devices mac addresses at specified times with the access control, and of course change the admin password!!! Tv and the device you which the wifi on and off with should be connected by wired ethernet.

Unfortunately the BT home hub network name is hard baked into the firmware and turning off Upnp to hide it will render automatic port forwarding, which i'm not sure is possible.


If you have a home hub 5a and are very technically literate you could install openWRT over the BT firmware, I've done this to mine, this will put a spanner into their works, it's infinitely more stable on openWRT but not very use friendly until you install the packages to make it user friendly.

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