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Problem connecting Samsung Smart TV to internet

I'm having problems setting up the wireless connection. I'm using a Netgear DGN1000 router which works fine with my pc and laptop. The TV recognises the router and connects to it but it then says it can't connect to the internet and says check DNS settings. I saw on another post some suggested static DNS settings which I manually entered but then the TV wouldn't recognise the router.


Anyone any ideas?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Problem connecting Samsung Smart TV to internet

Possibly static IP addresses may help, but I can only suggest setting for the home hub, which are unlikely to work on the Netgear, as its on a different subnet.




Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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