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Problem connecting devices via Eithernet switch on HH5

I've just recently self installed BT infinity2 and the Home Hub5. I've found that while WIFI seems to work fine and devices that are connected directly to one of the 4 gigE ports on the HH5, any device that is behind an eithernet switch does not connect to the internet. In my home network I have 2 eithernet switches / hubs. I've been using these to enable more devices to connect via wired connection given that most broadband routers only have about four ports. This has not been a problem with previous broadband / fibre modem router setups. However it seems that the HH5 does not see the devices that are connected via the third party hubs / switches. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so how was it solved? All or any help appreciated.

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Re: Problem connecting devices via Eithernet switch on HH5

im running a gige switch to my hub 5, i have 3 devices directly into the hub, and the swich into port 4, i then have 2 home plugs into the switch which connect to a media box and my pc upstairs. all connections work perfectly albeit on my old hub i could see the hubs ssid on the pc and now it says network connection 2? however it does work. how many connections do you need in the other room? i know switches can be great but ive always found using the homeplugs gives me better speeds and less hassle. may i suggest 1 set of bt av500 or even a gig e homplug if you can find one, then plug them into a switch upstairs rather than another hub.

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