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Re: Isolated the problem!

We have a number of iPhones (3/4/5), iPads and laptops both windows and OSX and they all use the HH3b without issue.


Here are my settings



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Re: Problem connecting iPad and iPhone to BT Home Hub 3 with WPA/WPA2 enabled

Probably too late to help you but others may find this useful. I have just added the second family iPad to the BT Infinity wireless network and found the same problem as the one you describe. 1 iPad was easy. I could connect both my iPads to a second wireless network which my employer provides, so I knew it was not hardware related. After many hours of trial and error it seems that a wireless printer I have has been connecting and reconnecting to the network and shows many registrations. Each time it seems to take a new IP address. since the home hub is allocated a finite number, I ran out; or so I believe. In the end I logged into the home hub, selected the 'DHPC Settings' from the 'Help | A-Z' then selected the 'Devices'. You should see many entries which are 'NOT Connected'. Delete them or a at least a few and you should then be able to connect your iPad; or at least it worked for me.


Good look.


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Re: Problem connecting iPad and iPhone to BT Home Hub 3 with WPA/WPA2 enabled

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Re: Isolated the problem of can't connect to HOMEHUB3.

I also could not connect to my homehub 3 since although my Ipad2 could see my home network with a padlock, it would prefer to connect to BT WI-FI or BT WI-FI with FON.

I could not get it to accept my password (wireless network key) on my Homehub3.

Finally found I had to press " ask to join new network" then input the network name and password there.


......... CONNECTED!!


Worth a try.

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Re: Isolated the problem!

I have a new Home Hub 3, and just hit exactly this problem... It seems impossible to support a second WiFi access point, and allow devices to migrate between them. After 3 hours trying everything, the only "solution" I've found is to restart the whole hub.

My guess is that the problem is to do with MAC routing tables; if a MAC address is stored as "physical", it is not possible for the hub to route to it over the wireless side.

Giving up for tonight, but if anyone ever finds a more workable solution, please advise.
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Re: Problem connecting iPad and iPhone to BT Home Hub 3 with WPA/WPA2 enabled

I had the exact same problem with my Iphone 5. Ignore the connection the Iphone 5 brings up and add it your self manually, by pressing other in wifi connections/settings. Choose a WEP security option, Type the name BTHub3-...., add the password and away you go. This worked for me anyhow. Good luck
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Re: Problem connecting iPad and iPhone to BT Home Hub 3 with WPA/WPA2 enabled

This has worked for me on an iphone 5
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Re: Isolated the problem!

Yes, I have this exact set up - a second wireless network using an Apple Time Capsule/Airport Extreme, which is hardwired by ethernet to the HH3/


I found the same solution worked for me. As long as on the device I 'forgot' the Apple network, I was able to use the HH3 wireless on WPA/WPA2. otherwise I was only able to use WEP.


I would like to be able switch between the two as they have a stronger signal in different parts of the house (which is on three stories)


BT, please sort out this problem!




ryukent wrote:

OK, so I've isolated the problem but not fixed it. Where you have two wireless access points in your house your device can connect to the BT router in 2 ways:


1. Connecting directly, wirelessly

2. Connecting wirelessly through the other access point which is cabled to the BT router


Under option 2, the Bt router sees your device as connected by wire. This is because the connection does come to the router by wire.


Now, when you connect first to the second access point and create a wired profile for your device on the BT router, you will no longer be able to connect wirelessly to the BT router. You can still connect via the second wireless access point.


Deleting the device profile does not help.




Deleting the device profile, then resetting, allows the device to connect again to the BT router. This only happens if it has not reconnected to the second wireless access point and hence created another wired profile. It is threfore necessary to make your device 'forget' the other wireless network otherwise it will get locked out again.


This problem has been tested under WPA and WPA2 in a number of different circumstances. I have a type B home hub :-(


So I now have to choose only 1 wireless access point. Once it's made a connection, the BT home hub will lock me out if it connects to the other hub.


This affects my iPad, but also my Samsung Galaxy S3. I think that confirms it is a Home Hub problem.

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Re: Isolated the problem!

I have spent one hour via chat with BT Help; liasing with two different technicians as one session was cut off. The only advice they can provide once they have carried out their default tests etc is to ring the BT Tech Team. I sent them a link to this thread and said there was a known fault, but this made no difference.


I have come back to BT after a long time away and now very frustrated. If I was using my router, then I would understand, but this is a BT Router. How can this problem get raised with the right people to get this problem acknowledged and resolved?

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Re: Isolated the problem!

I too have just spoken to the tech team, who I would say were just reading instructions from a computer screen and have no clue how to fix things. They told me it was my ipad that was the problem! Very very frustrated as I have just changed from 02 who provided me with a problem free service for 4 years! Now I'm stuck in an 18 month contract with an ipad which is useless to me with no wifi! :-(
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