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Problems connecting to network services and websites through the BT network via a Home Hub 6.

I have a peculiar problem with BT Broadband - every evening between 6 and 8 pm I can not connect to anything over a Secure Sockets Layer from a number of devices using different operating systems and different types of connection (wifi and ethernet).  I have the same problem with Windows, Android, Unix and Linux based devices so I really don't think it is a problem with the way they are set up.

I tried BT help - no help at all.  Yesterday they kept me hanging on for ages, then when I got through to someone they dropped the line (after they had taken my number and details) and did not bother to call back.  A **bleep** poor service.

So far they have tested the line and claim there is no fault on it, and have done a factory reboot on the modem (BT Home Hub 6)  - but the problem remains.  Has anyone has similar problems?


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