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Problems using Fortinet VPN client

The company I work for use Fortinet firewalls and as part of this, they have configured a VPN server to enable employees to work from home when required using the Fortinet client to connect to the VPN.


Everything has been working fine for several months (since the Fortinet firewalls were brought online).  However, I tried to connect to our company VPN at the weekend and I couldn't connect.


I initially thought it might be my router as I use an Asus RT-AC68U router, connected to a standard BT Fibre modem, rather than a standard home hub.


However, speaking to other colleagues at work, it would appear that everyone who is with either BT or EE, is having the same issue.


This therefore, leads me to believe that this is an EE/BT issue.


Can anyone confirm whether BT have changed anything within their infrastructure that is now preventing outbound VPN connections?


I've also logged this with our company infrastructure team, but it would seem that anyone whose ISP is not EE or BT is able to connect without any issues (Sky, Virgin, etc, etc).


Many Thanks

 EDIT: I should point out that when I installed the Fortinet VPN client on my laptop and tethered it to my mobile phone (Vodafone), it connected almost immediately, so this isn't a Windows/hardware issue on my side.



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Re: Problems using Fortinet VPN client

Apologies for replying to my own thread (and apologies if this breaches forum rules), but I've just spoken to BT technical support tonight to find out if BT have changed anything on their network that is now blocking VPN connections.  I was told that this isn't something they can deal with so long as my broadband is working as expected.  Well, it's not working as expected because up until about a week or 2 ago, I could connect to my company's VPN server on the odd occasion when I needed to work from home.


The lady I spoke to suggested I move to a business account...!  I explained that I'm no longer in contract with BT and they may have just given me the reason to move to another provider who doesn't block VPN connections.


So again, are there any BT experts on this forum who can simply tell me if BT/EE have recently changed their software to block certain types of traffic, specifically VPN?

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Re: Problems using Fortinet VPN client

Hi, I'm also having trouble connecting to a VPN using Forticlient. I have a BTHH 5. I have tried disabling the web help setting, tried factory resets, disabling all parental controls, firewalls, etc. The VPN connection was working fine for several months and then suddenly stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately this connection is essential to me when i work from home so unless it can be resolved then, as i am out of contract, i will simply move my whole phone and broadband package to another provider, the prices are actually cheaper and colleagues on other networks have no problem connecting.

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Re: Problems using Fortinet VPN client

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd try and connect again tonight, and I was able to connect successfully to the VPN.  I was then able to access our company network.


I've no idea if BT have fixed something on their side or whether my company has made changes to our Fortinet firewalls.


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