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Re: BT Hub 3 functionally inadequate

Been trying to resolve my Wifi dropout issues on my HH3 with BT since January 2014.  So far 3 techincal support calls, all of which end with their stock response, change the location of my router to somehwere where there are no local electrical aplliances or radiators.


I've already relocated the HH3 from my lounge at one side of my house, to a bedroom on the other side of the house, but didn't make any difference and I would still regularly get wifi dropouts across all devices (basically, when it goes on one device, it goes on all of them).


BT didn't offer any additional support, weren't interested in surveying or querying my set up, and no offer of an alternative BT HH3/4/5 was made (well, not for free anyway).


In a last ditch attempt to resolve the matter myself i recently purchased a TP Link TD-W8961 ADSL router.  Got it up and running quickly, and my broadband speeds were quicker (upload and downloads), the wifi range was better, and no wifi dropouts.


Unfortunately i got repeated disconnections on Xbox live on both of my wired Xboxes.  Despite port forwarding i couldn't resolve these issues, and had to return the TP Link router and revert back to my HH3.


I spent a whole day, starting with a HH3 factory reset, setting up every single device on my network with static ip addresses. And.... it's not made a single bit of difference, and I still get wifi dropouts across all devices.


What would be my next course of action.  I'm currently mid-contract, which doesn;t expire until January 2015.  BT won't acknowledge even the concept that the HH3 may be faulty.  The only thing I can even think to attempt next is to try and swap out my HH3 with a spare HH2.


Anyone any suggestions, as this has been an ongoing issue to me for 9 months now (and I get it in the neck from the rest of my family every time the wifi goes off)?


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Re: BT Hub 3 functionally inadequate

Have you tried setting the channel on the HH3 to a fixed channel.


isSSIDer will help you find best channel and best location.

Or, recently recommended on Plusnet forum, Acrylic wifi free


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