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Re: BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

Had Infinity and Home Hub 5 in early January and had a much more stable service - until the last few days.


The internet is dropping about every hour and most times the orange power light comes on, sometimes a flashing red broadband light. Have switched the Hub off and left it for over 5 mins etc, etc


I have used a transistor radio to check for linterference and found that the power supply for the hub is making a lot of noise. 


I checked the service status for my line and it said there were no problems.


Not sure I can face Customer Help and having to repeat all of the things that i have done.


Anyone else had these issues or noticed how noisy the power supply is? The supply for my old Home Hub 2 is much much less noisy - any reason why I can't use it?



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Re: BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

the power supply is not the same  can you hear the noise or is it the noise you hear when using radio  many power supplies will show rein interference within a couple of feet from the power supply but it disappears reaching say 3 feet  is you hub at least 3 feet from power supply?

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