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Re: Need more ethernet ports on whole home disc?

I realise this is now an old thread, but hope someone is still looking at it?

I have recently got a two kit BT Whole Home and I'm really pleased with the massive improvement it has provided for my wifi - no more microwave oven knocking devices off the network. Smiley Happy

I am using both discs with ethernet, the second disk for back haul as well as using a TP-Link TL-SOG 105 (exactly as per the diagram usefully provided by Keith Beddoe), which then connects to a TP-Link PA4010P powerline adapter.  I have a couple of PVRs using the ethernet switch.  

This is my question - the specs for the TP-Link PA4010P powerline adapter simply refers to the connection method as Ethernet not gigabit Ethernet.  However, I noticed that as soon as I connected the second disk to the network switch, the bright green LED lit up to indicate a gigabit connection.  The two connected PVRs still showing 100Mbps amber LEDs.  I also noticed that the TP-Link powerline adapter has now disappeared from the TP-Link management tool.  There were previously three PL adapters showing in the management tool and now there are only two.

Is the second disk and power line adapter therefore now part of a Whole Home 'gigabit' network (given the network switch's green LED) or is that not possible given the powerline simply lists the port as Ethernet up to 600Mbps.


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