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Re: Nest WiFi

Please please would appreciate any help if possible !

I have spent too much money on Google Nest Wifi (perviously Google Wifi).   I own one (new) Google nest router and 4 additional (older) Google Wifi points.   They all interoperate with each other but I don't know how to properly set them up with BT Fibre Broadband.

Google Tech Support tells me I have a "double NAT" issue and that I need to put my ISP (BT) router into Bridge Mode (I can see from Googling this is not possible) or setup a DMZ.     BT Tech support go blank on me and say they can't help.

Surely setting up a Wifi system from the word's biggest IT company (Google) with the UK's biggest brodband provider (BT) should not be so hard but I just can't work out what to do.

Any advice please ?

Thank you 

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Re: Nest WiFi


If you have FTTP, a direct fibre into your house, and an Openreach ONT fitted, then you do not need the smart hub 2.

If you only have FTTC, where the smart hub connects directly into the phone line, then you are going to have problems, as the smart hub cannot be switched to modem mode only, so you would either have to buy a separate modem, or put up with double NAT, which would make port forwarding difficult.

Double NAT is where your Google wifi would be on a separate IP subnet to your home hub.. In normal use, this would not normally present a problem.

Provided you do not have an FTTC Ultrafast connection, then you should be able to get hold of a second hand Openreach modem, quite cheaply.

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