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Re: Online gaming lag

I really have no time for Forums, but after cursing this Sunday morning trying to play a little CS:S & feeling like I'm not even on this Planet, never mind in the game, ....I thought I'd sign up if only to Vent my Spleen....

I will refrain from posting pointless ping, tracerts & network Stats in this post as it will merely fuel more retorts which I have no intention to reply to in any manner. I'd like to say this is  short & sweet but it isn't in one of two manners. It's Short & very very sour.....

The unfortunate thing is, BT have been being doing whatever it is they are doing wrong, for way too many years.....

I've seen it on Modem, ISDN, ADSL & FTTC & it has absolutely nothing to do with my Hardware or internal wiring in the home. I currently have a 24 Port Netgear Switch running my home Network, with all lights showing Green with Gigabit throughout the home.


My current i7 Rig with 24GB ram & SSD Drives in RAID0 & two Zotac GTX 1080Ti's in SLI & it doesn't miss a frame @ Maximum settings in any Game you chuck at it. - However, go on line to try & interact & you might as well have a 386DX33 with S3 Virge graphics in your home. No way should an i7 SLI 1080Ti rig suffer lost FPS just because the Gateway to the Internet provided by BT causes Network LAG & Lost FPS. - You can feel & see the Pulse of the connection failing in every manner whilst you fire Blanks from your AK47 with nothing registering as it should. I gave up Tweaking my Network connection after the demise of Win98SE & long before Windows XP expired because nothing worked as it should....

I also have a Panasonic OLED Screen in the Lounge with my Infinity >1< (not a typo) Service giving me the following:

Connection Speed.jpg

...Yet I can NOT stream Amazon Prime or Netflix without seeing horrendous Jerking on panning screens, never mind get a Head-shot to register with my AK47 or get lagged by BOT-Recoil whilst trying to play CS:S. If I watch a Movie in 4K from my NAS box, it's quite simply stunning to watch.

Changing Provider in my County does not get rid of BT in any manner. Once you leave Devon & head over the Tamar into Cornwall, It's BT Wires or nothing! (Isn't that like Monopolisation?) - Apparently, Goonhilly is the UK's new Gateway to Space. - I'm sure/hoping they'll use the Cable running down the Goss Moor as do Treliske & the RAF/Naval Bases here in Cornwall, but no cable services for residents....

As a Country these days, we pretty much rank as cr4p in the World's stage at most things; - Cricket, Football, Engineering, Cars...but when it comes to being cr4p, the United Kingdom Excels at it & BT are one of the Best supporters of cr4p-ness I have ever seen..... It just does not work as it should & probably never will in what time I have left on this Rock. - I always said I'd rather check out with Parkinson's than Alzheimer's so at least I'd only spill some of my Pint & not forget where I'd put it, but BT Internet Connectivity here in the UK.... Alzheimer's all the way! 



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Re: Online gaming lag

Came here to help, lost interest when you ranted about the internet affecting your FPS....

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Re: Online gaming lag

@BS-Networking Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forums, I'm really sorry to see you're having problems gaming and streaming at the same time, as a gamer myself I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.

If you send over your details we'll be happy to get this looked into, I'll send you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team.

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